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I need to make a Provincial Court application during COVID-19, what can I do?

08, 07-2020

See Appendix C of NP 19 COVID-19: Commencing Recovery of Some Court Operations for updates on what types of filings the Provincial Court is currently accepting. Check the Provincial Court of BC COVID-19 FAQs for updates.

New filings will be accepted after the following dates. Starting July 2 traffic court filings can be made by email, mail or fax. Starting July 8 Provincial Court family and criminal court filings can be made by email, mail or fax. Starting July 13 small claims filings can be made by email, mail, fax or using CSO.  The COVID-19 urgent hearing process will no longer be necessary and will conclude on the aforementioned dates. And there’s a new, faster process for applications to change child or spousal support orders related to COVID – See the Notice Provincial Court Notice to the Profession and Public (July 2) for more information and how to file.

In a child protection case all statutorily mandated matters, including the initial presentation hearing and the protection hearing, are urgent hearings and will proceed on the day they are scheduled by telephone.

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