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I am concerned about my health and safety at work during COVID-19 Coronavirus. What should BC employers and employees do to keep the workplace safe?

13, 04-2021

On November 19, 2020, the provincial health officer (PHO) issued an order to all employers that includes requirements for a number of sectors including sports and recreation, gyms and fitness centres, faith-based organizations, party buses and limousines and extracurricular activities for youth.

In addition to these specific requirements, the order requires that all employers review their COVID-19 Safety Plan to ensure that appropriate protocols are in place to protect workers from the risk of transmission, that work-from-home options are employed where possible, and that workers and customers wear masks when not separated by space or barriers. This order is in effect until further notice. 

WorkSafeBC has published a range of information for employers and employees on how to maintain safety at the workplace during the crisis. See HERE for WorkSafeBC guidelines. Note the specific industry guides.

Every employer is required to have a COVID-19 safety plan that assesses the risk of exposure at their workplace and implements measures to keep their workers safe. Please be reminded that in accordance with the order of the Provincial Health Officer, this plan must be posted at the worksite. 

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