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My work in BC has been affected by COVID-19. What benefits am I eligible for?

30, 06-2020

We have made a table to help you figure out what benefits you may be eligible for. Be sure to check government sites for complete eligibility requirements.


My Situation

Financial Help Available

I have lost my job

CERB - if you have already applied to EI you do not need to reapply to the CERB

EI - if you became eligible for benefits before March 15

BC Emergency Benefit for Workers - applications opened May 1, 2020

I was let go from my job for reasons not related to COVID-19

If you are eligible for EI benefits, and you were let go after March 15th, you will likely qualify for the CERB. If you lost your job before March 15th, you can apply for EI

I can’t work because I have to take care of children or a sick relative

CERB may apply to your situation

I am an essential work but make less than I would if I was receiving the Canada Emergency Response Benefit

Your employer may provide you with the BC COVID-19 Temporary Pandemic Pay.

If you have had reduced hours and are earning $1000 or less per month, you may still be eligible for CERB.

My EI benefits just ran out or are about to run out

You may still qualify for the CERB if you exhaust your EI benefits between December 29, 2019 and October 3, 2020

I am sick with COVID-19 or am in quarantine

CERB applies to people who stopped work due to COVID-19 including if you are sick with it or are in quarantine

I just came off of maternal/paternal leave

If you cannot return to work after your maternity/paternity leave because of COVID-19, you may still be eligible for CERB 

I am a student or recently graduated and job opportunities are scarce

You may be eligible for a number of programs: 

Canada Emergency Student Benefit

Youth Canada Job Bank 

Student Loan payment and interest suspension

Canada Student Grant

NEW: Canada Student Service Grant 

I am self-employed or a contractor and do not qualify for EI

Self employment income counts towards the eligibility requirements of the CERB. You may still qualify

I lost a lot of work but still make some money or I lost one job but still have another job.

If you have made less than $1000 in the 14 days before you apply, you may still qualify for the CERB

I still have my job but my hours have been significantly or entirely reduced

If you have made less than $1000 in the 14 days before you apply, you may still qualify for the CERB

I am a seasonal worker

Seasonal workers who recently ran out of EI benefits may still be eligible for the CERB

I am looking for a job Visit the Government of Canada Job Bank 

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