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Legal Questions and Answers on COVID-19

COVID-19 Coronavirus Information for BC

Last updated: October 8, 2021
The COVID-19 coronavirus situation is changing rapidly and creating many law related questions. provides up to date answers to legal questions for British Columbia.
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    Health & Safety

    Learn what non-financial supports are available in BC to keep you safe and assist with mental wellness. Questions include: Where can I get reliable health information? Do I have to quarantine? What help is there for victims of violence?

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    The COVID-19 Coronavirus has disrupted many workplaces in BC and left many without jobs. Employers, employees and small business owners are facing uncertainties. Questions include: Can I refuse to do my job? What if I don’t qualify for EI? What support is there for businesses in BC?

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    In BC, both renters and homeowners are facing challenges due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Learn about the new legal changes and programs related to housing in BC. Questions include: Can I be evicted during COVID-19? Can I get help paying my rent or mortgage?

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    This COVID-19 Coronavirus is making life more difficult for everyone but it's especially challenging when parenting apart. Learn more about: What do I do about our parenting schedule? Because of COVID-19, I can't afford to pay child/spousal support, what now?

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    Legal Help

    Learn about who can help you with your legal matters in BC during the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Questions include: Where can I find low cost legal help? Where can I find more legal information?

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    Courts & Tribunals

    Find current information on BC court and tribunal responses to the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Questions include: Are courts in BC closed? I was supposed to have a hearing, now what? How do I make a BC court application?

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    Consumers & Money

    Many people are facing difficulties paying their bills due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Learn about what relief funds and supports are in place for BC. Questions include: What to do about car insurance/ hydro bills? What can I do about price gouging?

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    COVID-19 Updates

    The COVID-19 Coronavirus situation is changing rapidly. Stay current on new policies, programs and laws relevant in British Columbia.