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I had a court date. What happens during the COVID-19 health crisis?

14, 04-2021

Most BC courts have returned to their regular operations, but there are enhanced safety measures in place. The majority of hearings are taking place virtually on the date scheduled. Check the notices of the relevant court for details about upcoming hearings and adjournments.  

Most recent notice(s) for Provincial: No. 19May 26, 2020 UpdateCriminal Pre-trial Conferences CRIM 12, Initial Criminal Appearances CRIM 13No. 21, No. 22


Most recent notice(s) for Supreme: No. 27No. 32, No. 33, No. 34No. 35, No. 38, No. 40, No. 41No. 42, No. 43

Most recent notices(s) for Appeal: Notice to the Public Regarding the Court of Appeal for British Columbia’s Response to COVID-19, Notice Regarding Modified Court of Appeal Procedures due to COVID-19


In a child protection case all statutorily mandated matters, including the initial presentation hearing and the protection hearing, are urgent hearings and will proceed on the day they are scheduled by telephone.

You can go to for the most updated information.

If you are still unsure whether your matter will proceed, please contact your respective courthouse, litigator or case manager.

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