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I heard legal limitation periods don't apply during COVID-19. Does that apply to the Civil Resolution Tribunal?

13, 07-2021

NO. Limitation periods for the CRT are still in place. The order of the Minister of Public Safety says that administrative tribunals can decide for themselves whether or not to suspend their mandatory limitation periods during the state of emergency. 

The CRT has so far said that they expect to operate normally and will not be suspending their limitation periods during the state of emergency given that most of their work is already online. They do, however,  have discretion to extend time periods on a case-by-case basis.

The CRT will also consider waiving fees for people who cannot afford CRT fees due to COVID-19. If you file your application for dispute resolution late because of the pandemic, explain this in your application. If you are a party to a CRT dispute and you need an extension of time or cannot pay, due to COVID-19, just contact them with your Dispute Number and the reason for your request.

See HERE for more details on the CRT’s position on limitation periods.
See HERE for the Attorney General’s press release regarding CRT deadlines and fees.

Things are always changing so be sure to check the CRT website and the CRT COVID-19 Response for updates.  If you have questions contact the CRT by phone 1-844-322-2292 or by filing in this form.

For more information on the Attorney General’s response to COVID-19, including a list of emergency orders, changes to the law, and changes to justice services go HERE

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