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What court activities are happening at this time?

28, 04-2021

Courts have resumed their usual activities, either in-person or virtually. Courts are following strict health and safety protocols to ensure that the courts remain safe for everyone. Counsel and self represented parties must also be in a position to confirm that to their knowledge, no one involved on their side traveled outside Canada within 14 days of their anticipated in-person appearance in a courtroom. Effective November 24, 2020, all people attending courthouses in BC are required to wear masks while inside a courthouse. Please do not visit any courthouse if you exhibit any of the COVID-19 symptoms as described on the BC CDC website.

Additionally, new filings are being accepted by all levels of court in BC.

Supreme Court

See HERE for a full index of Supreme Court notices. See In Court Measures During the Pandemic for health protocols and guidance.

In-person registry services have resumed at all Supreme Court registries in British Columbia, and the interim process that the Court established for requesting a hearing of an urgent or essential matter is no longer available. While in-person filing is available, parties are strongly encouraged to use e-filing, or one of the other methods. See Notice No. 33 (Criminal) and Notice No. 34 (Civil and Family) for more details.

Civil jury trials are cancelled up to and including October 1, 2021. The Court resumed criminal jury selections and trials on September 8, 2020. The majority of chambers matters will take place by telephone conference, including Judicial Case Conferences, already scheduled chambers matters, and trial management conferences. Please note that as of May 26, 2020 and until further notice, parties not appearing in person before the Court as a result of measures put in place during the public health emergency are required to e-file their affidavits of service or delivery. See this notice for how to e-file through Court Services Online.

See HERE for information regarding how to book a judicial management conference or trial management conference. Both are currently being held by telephone.

If you estimate your matter will take two hours or less, you can apply for a chambers hearing by phone conference. See Chambers applications during COVID-19 for instructions on how to make a new application or response, or reset an adjourned application.

Applications in Masters chambers at the court registry locations listed in Appendix B of Notice No. 42 will be heard by video using Teams as of the date listed. Additional court registry locations will be added as they become available; until then, Masters chambers hearings at other court registry locations and judges chambers will continue by telephone. Parties are encouraged to check the Court’s website often to confirm whether specific court registry locations are proceeding using video or telephone.

Note on TMCs: Effective July 27, 2020, parties must file and serve trial briefs, trial records and trial certificates in accordance with the Supreme Court Civil Rules and the Supreme Court Family Rules. The Court’s direction that TMCs proceed by telephone unless the Court otherwise orders continues to apply. To learn more, book a TMC, or rebook a trial, see COVID-19 Notice No. 40.

BC Provincial Court 

For information on the BC Provincial Court, or to determine when your trial, hearing or matter will be heard, see the Notice to the Profession and Public Covid-19: Commencing Recovery of Some Court Operations NP19. For a summary of updates, see Provincial Court during COVID-19.

Provincial Court registries are accepting ALL filings at the applicable court registry either in-person or remotely (by mail, email, fax to fax filing registries under GEN 01 Practice Direction, or using Court Services Online where available). To protect the health and safety of all court users and help contain the spread of COVID-19 while maintaining access to the Court, parties are encouraged to use remote filing options wherever possible. 

The Provincial Court has created guidelines to help support people with their small claims proceedings. See SM. CL. 02 Small Claims Proceedings During COVID-19.

NOTE: Only trials will be held in-person. Counsel and self represented parties must also be in a position to confirm that to their knowledge, no one involved on their side traveled outside Canada within 14 days of their anticipated in-person appearance in a courtroom. All other matters will be heard by phone or video conference, unless otherwise ordered by a judge. Click HERE for the guide to remote proceedings. 

In person hearings will be reserved for priority matters that cannot be dealt with remotely. However, the public is still strongly discouraged from attending court in person. Hearings and other proceedings will take place by video or audio conference unless otherwise directed. 

All trials scheduled in Provincial Court after July 3, 2020 will remain on the trial list and parties should attend court at 9am on the day their trial is scheduled. The Court will then decide which trials will proceed. Other non-trial appearances scheduled for after July 3, 2020, will proceed on the date scheduled, either in court or by phone. See the Court’s latest Notice to the Public for more details. 

Court of Appeal

The suspension of required time periods to start civil or family proceedings ended on March 25, 2021.  Parties should continue to file and serve notices of appeal or applications for leave to appeal in criminal matters within required time periods. Also, parties may now request that their appeal hearing proceed in a courtroom or by Zoom videoconference. For more information, see the Notice to the Public Regarding the Court of Appeal for British Columbia’s Response to COVID-19. The Court of Appeal has also created a webinar to assist people with electronic filing. To learn more about the complete COVID-19 Appeal process, see the Notice Regarding Modified Court of Appeal Procedures due to COVID-19 and this Appeal Process flowchart

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