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How can I get my urgent matter heard?

18, 09-2020

Supreme Court

With the resumption of chambers as set out in  COVID-19 Notice No. 28 dated July 13, 2020, as of June 18, 2020 the Request for Urgent Hearing process is only available for urgent applications on short notice ("short leave applications") under Rule 8-5 of the Supreme Court Civil Rules and Rule 10-9 of the Supreme Court Family Rules. Other applications should be made through regular chambers.

In-person registry services have resumed at all Supreme Court registries in British Columbia, and the interim process that the Court established for requesting a hearing of an urgent or essential matter will no longer be available. See Notice No. 33 (Criminal) and Notice No. 34 (Civil and Family)for more details.

If you estimate your matter will take two hours or less, you can apply for a chambers hearing by phone conference. See Chambers applications during COVID-19 for instructions on how to make a new application or response, or reset an adjourned application.

Visit the BC Supreme Court website for the most up-to-date information.

Provincial Court

The Provincial Court has returned to the pre-COVID court process for having urgent matters come before the court. Provincial Court registries are now accepting ALL filings at the applicable court registry either in-person or remotely (by mail, email, fax to fax filing registries under GEN 01 Practice Direction, or using Court Services Online where available). To protect the health and safety of all court users and help contain the spread of COVID-19 while maintaining access to the Court, parties are encouraged to use remote filing options wherever possible.  The COVID-19 urgent hearing process will no longer be necessary. And there’s a new, faster process for applications to change child or spousal support orders related to COVID – See how to apply and Notice NP19 (August 17) for more information. 

Visit the BC Provincial Court website for the most up-to-date information.