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How do I get a protection order?

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Nov 3, 2021

There are two types of protection orders: family law protection orders and peace bonds.

A family law protection order is made under the Family Law Act and you can ask for one in the Provincial Court or the Supreme Court. It is only to protect you from family members. Someone you dated might not count as a family member. You should consider speaking to a lawyer if you are seeing a family law protection order. Legal Aid BC created a guide for how to apply for a family law protection order. You might also qualify for a free lawyer through Legal Aid who could assist you in making an application for a protection order.

A peace bond is a protection order made under s. 810 of the Criminal Code of Canada. It does not create a criminal record. Contact your local police to ask for one. A peace bond can be against anyone including someone you dated. You do not need a lawyer as Crown counsel (a government lawyer) will make the application for you in criminal court.